Bharat Chhabria

Business & Entrepreneurship

CEO at Globalogi Venture Partners

Bharat Chhabria is a highly accomplished businessman currently based out of Tampa, Florida. He is passionate about businesses, especially startups, and has invested most of his career in the field of entrepreneurship. Whether launching a business himself or partnering with aspiring entrepreneurs to help bring their ideas to life, Bharat has had a positive impact on numerous companies. He has built a diverse set of skills and experiences in Fortune 500 settings, venture capital, and entrepreneurship, making him a valuable asset to any entrepreneur and business leader.

Before jumping into his career and discovering his passion for startups, Bharat Chhabria invested time into his education. He attended the University of Mumbai in India, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. Not long after graduating, he launched his first venture, a distribution company for engineering products. After running the business for several years, Bharat decided to move to the United States and pursue his newfound passion for entrepreneurship and business development. In 2002, he completed his MBA in Finance and International Business from Ohio State University.

Over the next several years, Bharat Chhabria continued to work in management positions in the field of medical engineering. He built experience in handling business finances and building strategic plans, helping to drive growth and progress throughout multiple organizations. He has repeatedly demonstrated his capabilities in leadership, management, and business development. His multicultural background has uniquely positioned him to not only grow businesses within the United States but also to help businesses strategically expand into the international community.

After spending about a decade continuing to work in management positions, Bharat Chhabria chose to pursue consulting and venture development. Throughout his work, he had come to understand that many entrepreneurs, while incredibly knowledgeable about their specific industry, lacked the necessary foundations in finance and strategy. With a desire to help entrepreneurs thrive and grow their businesses, Bharat decided to pivot his career to supporting startups and offering coaching and mentorship in the fields of business finance and strategy development.

Since 2014, Bharat Chhabria has been operating as the CEO of Globalogi Venture Partners. Based in Tampa, FL, Bharat and his team at Globalogi build ventures in partnership with entrepreneurs. Using proprietary and leveraged capital alongside a global network of thought leaders, Globalogi focuses on strategic growth and targeted investments. Bharat is proud of the company he has built and has truly found his niche in helping entrepreneurs pursue innovation.

Outside of his professional work, Bharat Chhabria leads a vibrant personal life. He supports multiple nonprofits in the Tampa community and strives to leave a positive impact. He loves to travel to new cultures, expanding his worldview and gaining a deeper appreciation for the diversity in the world around him. Traveling has helped him grow both personally and professionally, learning more about himself and how businesses can thrive in other cultures. Additionally, Bharat enjoys bicycling to stay fit and explore new places.

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